Co-released with
Samling Recordings

This transparent red tape hides and reveals its contents in awkward ways. A combination of 'fine art prints' and weirdly composed melodies; the result is an uncanny encounter with a camouflaged version of something familiar, yet unknown. The multiple is a collaboration between the artists Lotte Reimann and Sonia de Jager. Reimann's image-series often portray varying aspects of the "prohibited." The fetish, the taboo, the 'dirty'. With striking nonchalance and relevant actuality, the artist presents these as a fist to the face, which comes on a silver platter. While Lotte Reimann's images focus on displaying the concealed, on accentuating the weird language that is human camouflage and overt display, Sonia de Jager's sounds contort melodies and restructure sonic passages into camouflaged versions of themselves. Combining memories of claustrophobic Throbbing Gristle tracks on side A with repetitive "chopped and screwed" guitars on side B, the semi-dry, semi-nostalgic songs engulf the listener into a desolate narrative of sorts, somehow reflective of the images but confusing their own internal narrative as well.